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One of the essays I sent through Foster directly landed me my job at a billion-dollar startup. When you realize that quality matters, and that it's editing that propels your writing to the next level, you'll see why no one writing online can possibly do without Foster.

Gianluca Segato writes essays about technology on his personal blog

Foster has been an invaluable resource to get feedback on my writing. It's ultra-simple and the community is an impressive group of writers, creators, and builders.

Alexandra Allen writes Twitter threads and essays about online education

Foster has been an amazing resource and a critical part of my editing flow.

Nick deWilde writes The Jungle Gym, a newsletter about work-life integration

Foster helped us nail our copy and messaging for

Dru Riley writes paid research reports at Trends.VC

Foster has been so incredible in helping me think more clearly and get feedback from genuinely interesting people. It's a community, a group of mentors, and a work-changing tool all rolled into one. I've been recommending Foster to everyone I know who wants to get serious about writing.

Sindhu Shivaprasad writes essays about creativity at Kindred Spirits

For so many writers, getting an extra set of eyes on their work can transform a piece from good to great. Foster’s editing process helped me hone several pieces, from a guest essay in a popular newsletter to my own About Me page.

Jason Shen writes the Cultivating Resilience newsletter

Rika Sukenik

Foster is a sanctuary for writers of all level and skill. My writing has improved tremendously since I joined Foster thanks to the friendly, encouraging, and humble network of editors and collaborators.

Art Lapinsch

I can confidently say that I wouldn't be the writer that I am today without this amazing community. Yes, Foster is a workflow but more importantly it's a group of well-intentioned writers who help each other out. If you write online, join Foster and thank me later 🙌

Ian Vanagas

I've used Foster on nearly all of my writing over the past two years and it always manages to improve it.

Charlene Wang

I love the Foster community. The edits are awesome, but the people are what makes a real difference. They make you believe in yourself (and craft!) as you procrastinate and have second thoughts. When you pull the trigger to publish something at midnight - hoping no one will see it - you may get an instant response that shakes you up and makes you remember why you are writing in the first place. That's the magic of Foster!

Judith Klinger

Foster gave me the kick in the keyboard that I needed along with the confidence that I could share within a safe and nurturing environment. It is a privilege to meet authors from all over the world with divergent views and interests. If you are serious about your writing and would like to join a supportive community, then I highly recommend Foster.

Jason Nguyen

I wouldn't be the writer I am today if it wasn't for Foster.

Dylan Redekop

Here's a writing tip: Get others' feedback on your writing. With @0xFoster's free Chrome extension, you can get feedback on your writing in a day or two. I tried it for the first time and 🤯 I couldn't believe the amount of feedback and support I got. 10/10

Lisa Dawson

Foster is completely innovative and a blessing for anyone who writes (or needs to write better). I haven’t seen anything like this product in my writing career and I’ve completely embraced it. I love the community feel, the feedback, sound editing advice and the ease of use. This is really going to change writing for the better. Kudos to the Foster team!!

Nick deWilde

Foster has been an amazing resource and a critical part of my editing flow. Thanks for all the great work, guys.

Chris Liu

What's your writer's block? To me it's the fear that nobody cares about what I write. It's discouraging when there are no claps or likes, let alone comments. And I fell in love with @0xFoster. It guarantees caring readers and thoughtful comments on all my writings. #Tweet100

Tom White

Foster is the companion that every writer never knew they needed. Once you try it, there’s no going back!

Bennett Green

Wisdom Nugget Number 3 -- Having an editor is a superpower I joined @0xFoster last year and recently tried to get back into it. Having a community of people that can read drafts and share their feedback is solid gold.

Alexandra Allen

Foster has been an invaluable resource to get feedback on my writing. It's ultra-simple and the community is an impressive group of writers, creators, and builders. I'm excited to use it more going forward.

Sterling Schuyler

Reading feedback on my crypto+NFT newsletter from noobs and skeptics (as I requested) in the @0xFoster is 💋👌🏼 This is exactly what I need to take my writing to the next level

Neil Thanedar

I joined @0xFoster last month to level up my writing. It's a really cool collaborative writing group that edits your posts. I just tried it with my Public Ventures post: Huge difference! It's so much clearer and more organized now

sarah wood

I love Foster!! I just intensively re-wrote it from an amazing round of Foster edits so looking for new eyes :)

Anthony Pica

An invaluable resource for writers anywhere. I've received so much insight from fellow writers in the Foster community. Absolutely love it!

Ben Putano

Writers today don't get enough honest feedback. Most people on Twitter are too nice to give helpful critiques. Find a safe place to get real feedback. ▪️Ask a friend ▪️Hire a writing coach ▪️Join @0xFoster ▪️Create a newsletter of beta readers.

Taylor Jacobson

Been using Foster for a few months now and having great affordable editing on demand is a superpower.

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